How Driving Defines Us: The Future of American Road Trips

How Driving Defines Us: The Future of American Road Trips

Sarah Enelow-Snyder, Skift – May 22, 2018 2:30 am The Future of American Road Trips is a three-part deep dive examining why vacationers hit the road, where they spend their money, and how travel brands evolve alongside the vehicles that make road trips possible. The American road trip is about to change dramatically, at least […]

SUNSET MAGAZINE: These Vacations by Deluxe Bus Are Hotel-Meets-Road Trip Perfection

Roadies Tours: Hotel-Meets-Road Trip Perfection

By MARIE SALCIDO Summer vacation is about to get waaaaaay more interesting thanks to this new road trip operator. For decades, Americans have toured the country via the great highways and winding roads, exploring notable sights like national parks and standout cities, and discovering unexpected destinations along the way. Then efficiency replaced curiosity, and budget airlines […]

Introducing our New Family Friendly Tour

Roadies is offering family friendly tours

Thank you. Your feedback has been helping us shape the future of Roadies, which is absolutely essential for a new company like ours.  One of the things we’ve heard A LOT is – can I bring my kids, my mom, my grandkids?  Up until now, the answer was no. But then we realized a family-friendly tour […]

NEW YORK TIMES: See the Sights in the Southwest and California Like a Rock Star

New York Times: See the Sights in the Southwest

By Elaine Glusac, April 30, 2018 A new travel company wants to take you to your next outdoor adventure in a tour bus packed with resort-style comforts and rock star amenities. The kind of tricked-out buses associated with rock-star tours will drive a new kind of road trip with the launch of the travel company Roadies. Roadies buses, […]

Travel + Leisure: You Can Now Take a Road Trip on a Tour Bus Built for Rock Stars

Roadies. The Road Trip Reimagined

SIOBHAN REID APRIL 11, 2018 It’s every groupie’s dream come true. We love a good road trip as much as the next person. But there are certain aspects to road travel — cramped quarters and a lack of facilities, to name a few — that can make the experience less than ideal. Enter Roadies, a […]