NEW YORK TIMES: See the Sights in the Southwest and California Like a Rock Star

By Elaine Glusac, April 30, 2018

A new travel company wants to take you to your next outdoor adventure in a tour bus packed with resort-style comforts and rock star amenities.

The kind of tricked-out buses associated with rock-star tours will drive a new kind of road trip with the launch of the travel company Roadies.

Roadies buses, which come complete with sleeping berths, lounges, flat-screen TVs and showers, will transport up to 11 travelers on seven-day itineraries between San Diego and Las Vegas via Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree National Park and the Grand Canyon.

The land cruise travels by night and arrives in a new destination each day where passengers leave the bus for excursions like hiking, surfing and horseback riding.

“We see it as an opportunity to reinvent the great American road trip,” said the company’s co-founder Mark Wills.

“Every day, you wake to new view adventure and experience and you do it in a way where you’re never stuck driving,” added Lee Roth, the other co-founder.

The company plans to partner with a hotel or resort in each destination that will act as a base camp for exploration and offer access to amenities. During stops in Los Angeles, for example, Roadies buses will park at the Fairmont Miramare Hotel & Bungalow, giving travelers access to its swimming pools, spa, restaurant and bar. For an additional fee, they can book a session at 4th Street Recording Studio, located on the property, where the likes of The Beach Boys, Fiona Apple, and Kasabian have recorded.

Trips are aimed at younger travelers with an interest in sharing intimate trips with like-minded adventurers. A guide, called a “tour manager,” travels along on the trip, providing advice, getting travelers on excursions and organizing group dinners and entertainment.

The bus, furnished with the comforts of a hotel suite, is a big part of Roadies appeal. The company providing the buses has also handled transportation for touring musicians such as Paul McCartney and Katy Perry, according to Roadies executives.

“There’s something magical about a rock-star bus and the stories that are told about it, and we wanted to capture that,” Mr. Roth said.

Weeklong trips begin in June and start at $1,299.

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Travel + Leisure: You Can Now Take a Road Trip on a Tour Bus Built for Rock Stars


It’s every groupie’s dream come true.

We love a good road trip as much as the next person. But there are certain aspects to road travel — cramped quarters and a lack of facilities, to name a few — that can make the experience less than ideal.

Enter Roadies, a new travel company that promises to elevate the classic road trip with a fleet of luxury coaches. Built for rock stars but designed for you and your friends, Roadies buses come outfitted with sleep pods, a bathroom with a shower, flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi, and a variety of food and snacks.

Each trip comes with a tour manager who will plan out free daily activities like hikes and beach outings as well as à la carte excursions like hot air balloon rides, helicopter tours, and recording studio sessions. And most of the driving is done at night, so you’ll wake up each day with plenty of time to explore.

But it gets better: the coaches will park at high-end hotels like The Fairmont Miramar, where travelers will have access to amenities like pools, gyms, restaurants, bars, and spas at no additional charge.

The company is kicking things off this summer with two inaugural routes along the West Coast. There’s the week-long “Sunshine & Lights Tour,” with stops in San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, the Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas. And the week-long “Hot N’ Spicy Tour,” which hits all the same locations in reverse order.

Rates start at $1,299 per person and each tour sleeps up to 11 travelers. To book, visit

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