How It All Got Started

Over the past few months, we’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of support and passion people have for Roadies.  We’ve been lucky to see how much love our friends and fans have for Roadies. And what great nostalgia there is for a good road trip.  As we talked to hundreds of folks, the most common question we get besides does the bus have a shower (it does by the way), is how did you come up with the idea for Roadies?  Well, it all started with a hike…

I was hiking in Santa Monica with a friend (who is now an advisor) and we start talking about traveling.  And I started talking about my passion for road trips. I’ve been fortunate to do some truly great road trips – from the Daintree rainforest in Queensland, Australia down to Sydney or traveling up and down the east coast of the United States, the California coastline and around the south-east of Canada.

And I thought it was a shame that people don’t get to experience these trips like I used to.  These days, it’s hard to get off the time from work or have the time to plan road trips. And if you get a week off of work, did you want to be driving all the time?  And I thought – I wonder if there’s a way to modernize the road trip for today’s traveler. So we started talking what-ifs…

  • What if you could do a road trip without having to do the driving?
  • What if you could use your time experiencing great, authentic locations without wasting your time during the day or night driving?
  • What if you could do a great road trip with your buddies or with strangers from around the world?
  • What if we could take the luxury coaches rock stars use to get from concert to concert and use them for road trips?
  • What if we could create a road trip that has curated the best of what every location has to offer?
  • What if our guests can we wake up every morning to a new view, experience and adventure?

And our what-ifs eventually became Roadies.  Our first two trips are fantastic road trips. It combines two of our favorite national parks – Grand Canyon and Joshua Tree with the beautiful beaches of San Diego and Los Angeles with two other great locations in Las Vegas and Palm Springs.  And these trips are just the beginning.

We hope you like our passion project and look forward to seeing you on the road.

The Manual: This Company Wants to Put Together a Next-Level Road Trip for You and Your Friends

Written by: Matt Payne, The Manual, March 16, 2018

“Some of my best memories were going with friends and hitting the road,” says Roadies co-founder Lee Roth. “There’s just something magical about the road trip and I thought about how can we take that magic and create an experience that would mirror the magic without the pain of driving all day and the pain of planning for weeks.”

roadies company road trip planner bus joshua tree 1 jpg

Roadies coaches sleep up to 11 and are outfitted with flat screen televisions as well as sleep pods (also with their own televisions), Wi-Fi, books, and a stocked kitchen. Most of the driving is done at night, so each day, guests wake up in a new city with an itinerary customized to ensure the most epic stops ever. In addition, Roadies partners with iconic hotels that allow Roadies guests access to their pools, gyms, and other hotel facilities while in each destination city.

Each trip comes with a “Tour Manager.” The Tour Manager is tasked with planning out daily activities, which range from finding the perfect place to watch a sunrise over the Grand Canyon to ensuring dinner reservations at a base city’s coolest restaurants. For additional charges, guests can add excursions — perhaps a surf lesson in San Diego or a bike ride up the coast might be of interest. With a visit to Palm Springs, guests can partake in a cannabis tour or a hot air balloon ride. If getting stoned or floating around in a hot air balloon don’t get you high enough, you have the option of taking a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon for an extra $299.

While Roadies experiences are well planned, that sense of freedom that comes with the open road is also important. “While we have curated experiences in every market — our guests are free to do whatever they’d like,” says co-founder Mark Wills. “If they wanted to go to a museum that’s not on our itinerary, they can do that. If they want to hang out with friends they know who live in the area, they can do that too.”

“We ultimately want to create experience that open minds and allow you to see the world differently,” adds Wills. “Experiences that inspire books to be written, paintings to be painted or ideas generated for new start-ups. Our vision is to build experiences that enlighten minds, broaden perspectives and create a lifetime of stories.”

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Conde Naste Traveller: Road trip like a rock star in California

Roadies is a new tour company that lets you see America’s West Coast like a star

We’ve all probably dreamt of kicking back in a celebrity-worthy motor coach and pulling up in one destination after the next rock-and-roll style. A new California-based travel company called Roadies is offering a similar experience, with A-list kitted-out coaches, not for stars, but for groups of travelling friends and families.

You’ll hit the road with a “Tour Manager” who arranges experiences that show off the destinations as a local would see them – think hikes at the Grand Canyon, sunning on secluded beaches in San Diego or enjoying a tipple at some of LA’s best bars. There are also add-ons such as hot-air balloon rides and song-recording sessions at the legendary Nightbird Recording Studio.

But what about the coaches themselves? Each includes flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi, games, a bathroom with a shower, 11 sleep pods with plush bedding and a variety of food (both healthy and naughty) to satisfy all on board. Rich wooden panelling and sleek black furnishings lend a stylish vibe.The inaugural trips will set off on June 3, 2018 (though can be booked now), and include a seven-day tour along the West Coast with stops in San Diego, Los Angeles and Joshua Tree.

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The Official Launch of Roadies!