We love San Diego

San Diego. Beautiful. Peaceful. Adventurous. Entertaining. one of our favorite cities in America did not disappoint. As we finish up scouting this amazing place, we’ve been debating here at Roadies what would make the perfect experience while here. But the truth is it would be hard to make a wrong decision.

Do we spend the day at Pacific Beach – take a surf lesson and then drink margaritas all afternoon at the Baja Beach Cafe? Do we head up to La Jolla Cove and do some scuba diving and snorkeling? Do we rent a boat and spend the day wave-hopping through the San Diego Harbor? All great choices and totally dependent on someone’s mood, but all of these options are almost fail-proof in terms the enjoyment factor.

San Diego is the Place

Basically, if you want to relax, San Diego is your place.  If you want to enjoy the ocean, San Diego is your place. If you want to be active, San Diego is your place. Oh, and if you happen to love amazing weather all year round and you are partial to nice people, then this is your place!  While there, we partnered with the San Diego Surf School, Action Sport Rentals and the Catamaran Resort & Hotel so there is something for everyone and every mood.

This city also has a diverse nightlife from the parties at Pacific Beach, to listening to music at the hippie-ish Ocean Beach to the great restaurants and clubs in the Gaslamp. So much to do, so many bars to experience.  And don’t worry, we won’t leave you alone with so many choices to sift through.  Our Tour Manager will provide you with plenty of guidance of where the best dive bars are, the best place for cocktails on the ocean and the best clubs in the city.

This is why San Diego is on our inaugural tour at Roadies and is either the first or last stop of the trip. We can’t wait to share this great city with you.

Roadies: The Road Trip Reimagined

Final Countdown

The locations have been scouted, the partners are being signed, the experiences are being built and social posts have been written.  Let’s just say the butterflies are flying.

We are less than 3 weeks outs and the momentum is building.  Our first journey goes from San Diego to Los Angeles to Palm Springs to Joshua Tree to the Grand Canyon and finally to Las Vegas.  We’re building something special for our guests.  And I’m pleased to say we’ve been building out experiences in each market that are authentic to the area and quite memorable.

March 7th is our official launch date and we’re gearing up for some good press and a few epic launch parties.  Stay tuned, we promise not to disappoint.


Inspired by the Humanity of the Road

Mark and I have been out on the road this past week throughout Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas as we plan The Sunshine & Lights Tour along with the Hot N Spicy Tour. When you plan a tour, you’re never sure what you’re going to find, what hurdles you’ll need to jump or where you’ll need to pivot.

What we have found and are inspired by is the generosity of humanity. The Lyft driver, the musician, the waitress, the bouncer, who provide such valuable insights of a local area. We are constantly amazed by people’s willingness to help.

Thanks to these generous people, we have found great companies and potential partners with companies like the Downtown Project and Carson’s Kitchen in Las Vegas. If you put on the news, we live in a time where the world is divided. But if you get on the road, and talk to people from all walks of life, you’ll be inspired by their humanity.