It’s been a long week so I decided to check out a new hike. Today’s hike was called the Rattlesnake trail in Palos Verdes (an hour south of Los Angeles). It was perfect hiking weather at 68 degrees and sunny. At the start of the trail, it looked nice but nothing spectacular.

Along the way down, I stopped, looked up saw an incredible view. I stood on a path between two hills, in front of me was ocean. When you looked a bit further, was Catalina Island. In that moment, my mood, my perspective shifted. It was the oxygen I needed.

My head now clear, I continued my journey. These are the moments that Roadies is made of. Oxygen for all.

The Start of Roadies

In 1994, Andy Dufraine (Tim Robbins) said to Red (Morgan Freeman) in the Academy Award winning film The Shawshank Redemption “I guess it comes down a simple choice – get busy living, or get busy dying.” That quote has been in my head for quite a while now. I’m turning 40 this year and I’ve decided to get busy living.

My passion in life (besides my family) is traveling. To see something you’ve never imagined, to taste and smell something you didn’t know was out there, to experience a culture that makes you feel a little different about the world. When I travel, my mind shifts from dreading the every day to dreaming about new possibilities.

In concepting and building Roadies, it is my hope to give these same experiences to all of our guests. It is my hope that Roadies isn’t just a great vacation, but an inspiration to a new painting, a new poem, a new friendship or a new business. To give our guests some fresh air from the day to day grind life can be.

At Roadies, we believe life is better when you’re not standing still. Welcome to Roadies and let your journey begin.